Voter ID Symbolic Veto 10 Apr 12

Governor Dayton says he’s ready to do whatever he can to urge voters to reject the proposed Voter ID constitutional amendment. Dayton issued a symbolic veto of the amendment Monday, though he has no legal power to stop it from appearing on ballots this November. The GOP-controlled Legislature signed off on it last week. Dayton says the amendment would cripple Minnesota’s election system by curbing same-day voter registration, absentee balloting and mail-in voting. Backers say requiring voters to prove their identity is an election integrity measure, and same-day voting will still be possible through a “Provisional Ballot” system. Voters who cannot prove their voting eligibility would fill out a provisional ballot that is not counted until they show sufficient evidence that they can vote, likely in the form of a photo ID. Voters would have seven days to prove their eligibility. Dayton symbolically vetoed another amendment last year as well that will appear on ballots statewide this November: one defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.