Vikings Stadium Setback 17 Apr 12

A major setback for a Vikings stadium bill late Monday night in a Minnesota House committee. The bill is barely alive after failing on a six-to-nine vote, with under two weeks to the target date for the Minnesota Legislature to adjourn.  Minneapolis Democrat Frank Hornstein says there should be “a much broader net” to capture private money for the stadium.  Hornstein says the business community and the Vikings can do more, and there can be private loans.  But VP Lester Bagley says the Vikings did everything they were asked to do, including kicking in half the cost.  Bagley says there’s time left in the session to address the stadium issue — but adds “it’s a mistake to think that the Vikings and the NFL will continue with the status quo and the situation that we’re in.”  When asked whether that’s a threat that the Vikings will leave, Bagley said “no.” Bagley also says that the latest bill includes the Vikings 3rd largest team contribution up front as well as the largest rent payments from the team. There’s no word from the Capitol on what comes next.