Senate Saves Postal Service 27 Apr 12

The US Senate has decided to prop up the financially-ailing US Postal Service, meaning thousands of jobs and hundreds of post offices could stay open. In Minnesota, 117 post offices and 5 distribution facilities were on the chopping block. The legislation passed by the Senate allows communities to fight proposed closings of rural post offices and processing centers. Senator Al Franken says small towns can explain to the Postal Regulatory Commission that there would be no real economic savings by closing their post office. He says citizens can present models for saving money, such as not staying open as many hours. The Senate bill includes a two-year moratorium on rural post office closings. The US House has not yet addressed the bill, and a five-month moratorium on post office closures ends May 15th. Post offices in the local area that had been scheduled to be closed included in Darfur, New Auburn, North Mankato, Ormsby, Pemberton, and Wanda. The Postal Reform Bill also maintains Saturday mail delivery for now.