Ron Paul Wins Southern MN 23 Apr 12

Supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul reportedly dominated southern Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District Republican Convention over the weekend, with the Texas Congressman picking up practically all of the district’s available delegates. The same was reportedly true at the other Minnesota congressional district conventions held over the weekend, as well as at the previous weekend’s conventions. Ron Paul is now said to have 20 of the 24 Minnesota delegates already chosen to represent the state at the Republican National Convention in Tampa later this year. The state’s remaining 13 delegates to the national convention will be chosen during the State Republican Convention May 18th and 19th. Ron Paul came in 2nd place at the majority of the local-area Republican caucuses in February, with Rick Santorum taking 1st place in the straw polls. Santorum has since dropped out of the race, and his campaign has reportedly directed his delegates to support Ron Paul.