Ron Paul Winning MN 17 Apr 12

Mitt Romney may be the supposed frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination – but he’s not the most popular GOP candidate in Minnesota. Texas Congressman Ron Paul swept the 3rd, 5th and 6th Congressional District conventions over the weekend.  Paul landed nine of nine state delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  Paul also won one delegate in Minnesota’s 7th District March 31st while Rick Santorum picked up two.  The four remaining districts will chose their delegates and alternates this weekend.  Paul’s campaign is banking on Santorum backers throwing their support behind him.  Romney finished third in Minnesota’s February caucuses which were non-binding. Rick Santorum won the straw poll vote during the Brown County Republican Caucus in March, with Ron Paul coming in a close second. The results were the same in many other local-area counties, although Paul won in Blue Earth County. But with Santorum out of the race now many of his delegates have been forming a “Conservative Unity” coalition with Ron Paul delegates. Southern Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District Convention is this weekend, and the State GOP Convention takes place May 18th.

  • Quetz

    GO RON PAUL!!!

  • Breeze

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Anonymous

    So., looks like at WORST…Romney will get a percentage of delegates about equal to his popular vote total. In other words…he didn’t lose anything. And seeing as he got many MORE delegates than he was supposed to in North Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado, it still means that the numbers that the media is quoting for Romney ARE wrong like the Ron Paul cult has been saying all along…only they are too LOW. 

    Since I don’t think the RonPaul cult members are smart enough to understand…let me explain…Romney got just 35% of the popular vote in Colorado. Therefore, the media’s total reflected Romney getting about 1/3 of Colorado’s delegates. However..he actually got 45%. So about 3 more than the media had him down for. And in Wyoming, where Romney got all but 1 delegate, he was only supposed to get half. 

    So…unless the RonPaul cult is fighting for second place, how is this a good thing? Romney is now CLOSER to 1144 than he was reported to be by the media. And since your silly plan pretty much REQUIRES Romney to get shut out of all these caucus states, any number that he gets is a loss. With the huge victories Romney will have next week, and then California (not, delusional idiots…Paul is not going to overcome a 33 point deficit) and NJ and Utah’s winner take all, it will mean that Romney will need less than 150 delegates from Texas, and all the other remaining states (all proportional so he will definitely pick up plenty in all states) PLUS all the RNC super delegates and the remaining caucus states

    In other words..Ron Paul failed again.

  • Tpbzdw

    It’s funny calling Ron Paul supporters “a cult” while ignoring the fact that Romney himself *IS* a cult member. (Laughing!)

  • Ava Indiana

    so now do you still believe the media’s count of delegates?

  • dh

    I live in Minnesota…Romney has 0, count them, 0 delegates. That’s lower than his 15% in the straw poll would indicate. He will only get any if the corrupt GOP establishment engages in corruption to help him. As much as Minnesota likes Democrat politicians, Minnesota Republican caucus goers do not like Democratic candidates for the Republican nomination. Mitt Romney voters are the DUMBEST people I have ever met.

  • Laurie Seekins-Shuck

    Woo-Hoo!  President Paul! President Paul!  Vote for him!

  • Christopher

     I’m Mormon and a Ron Paul supporter. You don’t have to get nasty.

  • Captainelectron

    The people want freedom, peace, and sound finances, but the status quo politicians would be less important in a free country and are threatened by free people, free minds, and free markets.

  • FreedomIsOurRIGHT

     Responding to lakawak — according to your profile you have made it a personal crusade to go about leaving comments against Ron Paul and his many supporters on random news outlets who are reporting true facts about this political campaign to the American people.  It makes me wonder after seeing all of your inflammatory and biased comments, if you are simply one of the many brainwashed political trolls from other camps who spend their day in different network circles spreading their negative inaccurate propaganda?   Great thing about RP supporters, we CAN and DO think FREELY for ourselves.  We want true liberty.  We do not want to be slaves and puppets, and we certainly do not want your corporate-owned 1% drones mucking up America any longer.
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll, so, no, the Californians are not delusional idiots.  
    It mystifies me why Americans who so loudly proclaim to be supporters of the Constitution and a return to a Constitutional Government, insist that the Communist Romney would make a good President.  Peace.  Robert Walker

  • Anonymous

    Christopher, you are right.  I am not a Mormon, but I have many Mormon friends.  Most of them I met during Ron Paul meetups.  If we find it necessary to make bad jokes, try picking on the buffoon and his left handed right hand man, Eric Holder.  Peace, Robert Walker

  • Anonymous

    I honestly believe that Ron Paul will be the next President of the United States of America!  It will be wonderful to get back to a limited, Constitutional Government!  Peace, Robert Walker

  • Brak1964

    It looks like Ron Paul is finally being sought out by people who are sick and tired of big government and their endless stream of lies and manipulation. The main media is a sham and it’s directors should be tried for treason and war propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    So awesome!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In a sane world with real news media, these headlines would be repeated everywhere.  So good to catch a glimpse of that sanity and journalism!  Let freedom reign.  Bless you Ron Paul.

  • Julie Gannon

    he is getting packed venues every week without any help from the media, I don’t believe this is over

  • LuciDMari

    Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!

  • Ed Carr

     If we want the AMERICA that our parents knew… Pray that Ron Paul is elected!

  • Anon

    This article is inaccurate: Santorum delegates are joining with Mitt Romney in the “Unity Slate”; but they still cannot beat the Paul supporters.