Mille Lacs Walleye Regs are Tightened 07 Apr 12

DNR Tightening Mille Lacs Walleye Regs
(St. Paul, MN) — The Minnesota D-N-R is tightening walleye regulations on Lake Mille Lacs for the 2012 fishing season. Fisheries section chief Dirk Peterson says last year’s netting results showed a slightly smaller walleye population on Mille Lacs. Peterson says this year they have a 17-to-28 inch protected slot limit on the lake, meaning anglers can keep fish under 17 inches and still have one over 28. Peterson says the new limit is intended to reduce the number of fish harvested by about ten percent. Last year’s rule allowed anglers to keep walleyes under 18 inches. There is still a four-fish limit.