Lawmakers On Highway 14 19 Apr 12

Lawmakers On Highway 14Local-area lawmakers put Minnesota Department of Transportation officials on the hot seat on Wednesday to question why the 4-lane expansion of Highway 14 from New Ulm to Mankato has been taken off the state’s 20-year plan.

A proposal from Mn/DOT this week to improve the safety of the deadly stretch of highway with smaller measures has angered many area legislators, including State Representative Terry Morrow of St. Peter, who says that the not-quite 30-mile stretch of highway has a fatality rate nearly 3 times that of comparable 2-lane highways in Minnesota.

Wednesday’s hearing with the Senate Transportation Committee was organized by local Senator Gary Dahms, who says that improving 14 concerns everyone and is not a partisan issue. Dahms says that Senator Mike Parry of Waseca will be introducing an amendment to the Senate Transportation Bill that calls for Mn/DOT to reinstate the expansion of Highway 14 on it’s 20-year plan, and to make it a priority in the next 5 years.