Highway 14 Proposals 18 Apr 12

Representatives of the communities along Highway 14 from New Ulm to Mankato on Tuesday learned that their stretch of road is even more dangerous than previously thought. Senior Transportation Engineer Howard Preston told those on hand Tuesday that drivers are 3 times as likely to be killed in a crash on the New Ulm to Mankato stretch of Highway 14 as on similar roads. But he then went on to say that Mn/DOT is very unlikely to fund a four-lane expansion of the highway in the coming years, and will instead focus on less-costly safety improvements. Those proposals include increasing the “buffer zones” between lanes of traffic, having alternating stretches of passing lanes in each direction, erecting a cable barrier in the center of the highway, and more. These proposals would be for the Nicollet to Mankato stretch only. Public meetings on the proposals will be held in the near future, with the first taking place May 14th in Mankato.