Fleeing Police Charges 19 Apr 12

A 20-year-old Mankato man made an appearance in court this week on a felony fleeing police charge after being arrested at gunpoint last week following a brief police chase.

Daniel Joseph Jamison was arrested after police spotted his motorcycle speeding through a residential area of Mankato. Jamison crashed his cycle during the brief chase with police and he and his passenger, 18-year-old Nicole Hill both suffered minor injuries.

Neither was wearing a helmet. Jamison was found to have a blood-alcohol level at twice the legal limit for driving, and was operating the motorcycle with only an instructional permit, which means he was not allowed to have passengers and was required to wear a helmet.

Along with the felony charge of fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle he is also facing gross misdemeanor charges of criminal vehicular operation for causing an accident with injuries while driving intoxicated and petty misdemeanor charges for the permit violations. He remains in custody.