Toxic Chemicals In State Waterways 23 Mar 12

A new report from Environment Minnesota sheds light on the amount of toxic chemicals dumped into the state’s waterways. It states that industrial facilities in Minnesota dumped more than 1.3-million pounds of toxic chemicals into the state’s waterways in 2010. Spokesperson Stephanie Chadwick says that the Mississippi River ranked second in the nation for total toxic discharges, with more than 12.5-millions pounds dumped into it along its 10-state course. In Minnesota alone, 703,000 pounds of toxic chemicals were dumped into the Mississippi in 2010. The Blue Earth River is the second most polluted river in the state, with over 47,000 pounds of toxic chemicals dumped into it annually. The report says that the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative was the largest polluter in Minnesota in 2010, dumping over 562,000 pounds of toxic chemicals. The full report can be found