Residents Oppose ATV Park 08 Mar 12

Neighbors and property owners bordering a proposed ATV park in Renville County want the county to kill the project. The proposed $1.3 million park near the Minnesota River in Sacred Heart Township has the support of the township board of supervisors and the Minnesota River Valley ATV Club. Renville County is currently applying for grant funds for the proposal, but has not yet made a final decision on the project. Many of those living near the site believe county residents will oppose the park once they learn how it will impact the area. Many say that noise will be a factor, but safety is the primary concern due to truck traffic from nearby gravel pit operations. If they cannot make their case to the Renville County Board, the property owners say they will take it to the courts.

  • Wbraulick

    I understand the concerns of area land owners. But their consideration and support of this would be greatly appreciated. A project like this for off-road recreation rarely (basically never) happens anymore; current trends have been shutting these parks down. South central MN could really use this rec area. A tour of the MN DNR website will shown anyone the lack of rec areas for atv’s. Really, there are only two, near Appleton and Faribault. The Faribault park has been managed for about 20 years and has actually grown in size while a few NEW homes were built across the road from the parking lot. I encourage area landowners to consider what this means to all recreational riders in the area and what it could mean for the state, DNR, and even area businesses. It’s really not as bad as they believe it will be.