POY Banquet Tonight 27 Mar 12

The 50th Annual Player of the Year Banquet is tonight at the Holiday Inn, New Ulm.

46 area athletes will be honored and Players of the Year will be selected in Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Wrestling.

Tickets are available at the KNUJ Studios in New Ulm, the SAM 107.3 Studios in Sleepy Eye and at the door for $15. Guest Speakers, Past Players of the Year, Tom Herbeck from Cathedral, Jim Augstine from St James, Rich Hoffmann from New Ulm, Barry Wohler from Bird Island and Rachel Krohn (Polzin) from Nicollet.

The Players of the Week are:

NAME /                                    GRADE /                            SCHOOL /                                 COACH

Lauren Highland                                 12                           Sibley East                                            Doug Flieth

Katy Kuiper                                          12                           St Peter                                                  Bob Southworth

Clarrissa Ober                                       11                           Glencoe/SL                                           Cullen Ober

Tara Roelofs                                        12                           LCWM                                                  Todd Wiens

Jessica Kalenberg                               12                           BLH/Stewart                                        Josh Tjosaas

Kimberly Frank                                    11                           Wabasso                                               Neil Dolan

Sydney Remus                                     12                           Sleepy Eye                                            Ryan Hulke

Kayla Wenner                                      12                           Nicollet                                                  Kevin Christenson

Karina Schroeder                                 12                           LCWM                                                  Todd Wiens

Tailor Raymond                                  11                           St Peter                                                  Bob Southworth

Kelsy Kannegiesser                             12                           New Ulm                                               Matthew Dick

Maddy Helget                                      11                           SE/St Mary’s                                        Bruce Woitas

Courtney Kramer                                12                           BLH/Stewart                                        Josh Tjosaas

Jessica Busch                                       12                           Sleepy Eye                                            Ryan Hulke

Beau Herrig                                          12                           MLBO                                                   Shawn Naas

Joey Bartlett                                         12                           St Peter                                                  Kelly Raymond

Brian Nosbush                                     12                           Cathedral                                              Paul Hazuka

Jamie Fischer                                        12                           Nicollet                                                  Christian Harmeyer

Sean Mathiowetz                                 11                           SE/St Mary’s                                        Tim Milliard

Henry Rogotzke                                  11                           Red Rock Central                                                Brian Walker

Tyler Bates                                           11                           Sibley East                                            Mike Feterl

Nate Siemers                                        12                           MVL                                                      Craig Morgan

Alex Fink                                               12                           Springfield                                             Lance Larson

Chad Poppen                                       12                           St Peter                                                  Kelly Raymond

Kyle Athmann                                     12                           BOLD                                                    Jon Hamre

Carter Kirk                                            10                           MLBO                                                   Shawn Naas

Ben Rosburg                                         12                           St Peter                                                  Kelly Raymond

Jon Milliard                                           12                           SE/St Mary’s                                        Tim Milliard

Matt Willaby                                        12                           Windom/MLBO                                  Brad Schlomann

Adam Cooling                                      11                           Mad/Tru/Martin Luther                     Darren Gifferson

Mitchell Rohlik                                    12                           Wabasso/Red Rock Central              Brett Bartholomaus &

Tyler Pasvogel                                      12                           Sibley East                                            Chad Johnson

Luke Schmit                                         12                           New Ulm                                               John Rieser

Taner Trembly                                     11                           LCWM                                                  Andre Harnitz

Jacob Anderson                                   12                           River Valley                                          Todd Bertram

Giovanni Alvarado                             12                           St James                                                                Gene Hildebrandt

Nate Meixell                                         12                           LCWM                                                  Andre Harnitz

Cody Welch                                          12                           Wabasso/Red Rock Central              Brett Bartholomaus &

Nathan Rose                                        10                           Sibley East                                            Chad Johnson

Lance Briard                                        11                           River Valley                                          Todd Bertram

Brad Schmidt                                       12                           TMB/WWG                                          Karl Campbell

Brandon Goblirsch                              12                           Wabasso/Red Rock Central              Brett Bartholomaus &

Tanner Rohlik                                      11                           Wabasso/Red Rock Central              Brett Bartholomaus &

Hunter Retzlaff                                   10                           St Peter                                                  Keith Hanson

Aaron Bates                                         11                           Sibley East                                            Chad Johnson

Paxton Jordahl                                     10                           Hutchinson/BLHS                              Todd Card