Murder Trial May Be Delayed 13 Mar 12

A Lake Crystal woman accused of murdering her husband while he slept was in court on Monday as the final preparations for her trial are being completed. 34-year-old Jennifer Nibbe is scheduled to go on trial on 1st-degree murder charges on April 2nd. In court on Monday, she her attorneys were requesting that the charges against her be dismissed because potential evidence was lost or destroyed. 26-year-old James Nibbe was killed the morning of August 31st, 2010, and Jennifer Nibbe had called 911 to report her husband had been shot by an intruder while he slept. She later allegedly confessed to shooting him. Her attorney now says that they may focus on allegations of sexual assault. Nibbe is alleging that her husband sexually assaulted her numerous times, and says that possible evidence, such as pornography, has been destroyed. Her trial may now be delayed over concerns that everything will be ready in time. Nibbe remains in custody.