Local Burning Restrictions 27 Mar 12

Potential high winds in the forecast have led officials to suspend open burning in the rural areas of Brown County until further notice. Brown County Sheriff Rich Hoffmann’s order went into effect at 8am today (TUE). Open burning is restricted, with exceptions including fires contained in approved grills or burners from 6pm to 8am with a 5-foot area cleared of all vegetation and flammable materials, campfires with a diameter up to 3-feet and no more than 3-feet high in a pit or ring also surrounded by a cleared 5-foot area, fires for road, utility, or other construction clearing if adequate equipment and manpower are available to control fires, and fires for vegetative management with a prescribed burn plan and adequate manpower and fire suppression equipment. The burning restriction order may be extended as needed. Redwood County has also enacted burning restrictions.