Hoff sentenced 01 Mar 12

A man with a connection to the local area was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison Monday. 28-year-old Jeremy Jon Hoff was convicted of threatening a fellow drug dealer with a loaded handgun and hiring a hit man to kill two witnessees. Assistant U.S Attorney Chris Myers said during Monday’s sentencing hearing that Hoff had pleaded guilty earlier to conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, use of a firearm during a drug-trafficking crime, witness tampering and two counts of solicitation to murder a witness. He had faced life in prison without parole. Hoff was nicknamed Johnny 5 for his standing on a regional list of most wanted criminals. U.S District Judge Ralph Erickson said he was amazed Hoff was able to stay out of jail during a 12-year stretch in which he showed “no law-abiding behavior.” Hoff grew up in southern Minnesota, including in Bird Island and Renville.