Four day week for Dist. 88 unlikely 07 Mar 12

It appears unlikely that a four-day school week for New Ulm District 88 will happen next year. The plan was derailed by the absence of current settlements with unions. Superintendent Harold Remme told a school budget work session Tuesday night a memorandum of understanding with employees needs to be part of the application to the state Department of Education for a four-day week. However, Remme said this memorandum of understanding needs to be attached to a current contract with unionized employees. The two-year contracts with six employee groups that expired last year have not yet been replaced by new ones. These new contracts are not likely to be finalized by the April first application deadline. Remme said the contracts are being negotiated but are no where close at this point. The school district was planning on saving about $125,000 by switching to a four-day week. The gap is currently projected at about $1 million. This leaves the school board with roughly $1.1 million in cuts still under consideration. A number of options are on the table. The cuts are expected to be voted on next week.