Criminal Vehicular Homicide 09 Mar 12

A St. James man charged with criminal vehicular homicide made his first appearance in court Thursday for the charges. 23-year-old Mark Anders Chalin allegedly had a woman on his lap when he crashed into an oncoming car on Blue Earth County Road 90 just south of Mankato last August. He was critically injured in the crash, and his passenger, 23-year-old Amber Menezes of Mankato, and the driver of the other vehicle, 35-year-old Jonna Martin of Lakefield both died at the scene. Investigators later determined that Chalin was traveling around 65 miles-per-hour when he crashed into Martin, who was going around 20 miles-per-hour. Martin was wearing a seat belt. Chalin and Menezes were not.

  • Jgirl

    Rip amber. Mark u better pay for what u have done. You show no remorse to amber family. Your gonna pay for what u did and that’s a promise

  • annonymous

    jgirl — i don’t know if it was his fault … read the story sounds like they were doing something they were not supposed to be doing while driving…just saying. yes it is tragic and yes i knew amber, but…you can’t blame it just on mark when it appears its not just his fault

  • Cboy

    The only real victim in this case is Martin… I knew Amber too and I’m sorry to say that she was not an innocent little angel in this situation. If she would have lived as well I’m sure her sentence would be just as bad as Mark’s is going to be. My heart goes out to the only real victims here. The Martin family and her husband to be