Abusive Parents Plea Deal 31 Mar 12

A Waseca couple facing felony charges of child neglect and malicious punishment of a child entered Alford Pleas in court on Friday. An Alford Plea means that Jeff and Deanna Musolf do not admit their guilt, but do admit that there is evidence against them that could lead to a conviction. The two are accused of confining 2 of their adopted daughters to dark, bare bedrooms for extended periods, as well as denying them sufficient nourishment and clothing and not allowing them into the bathroom for days. They lost custody of those girls last spring, and later in the year to their 4 other adopted children. Jeff Musolf took a plea deal for misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child on Friday and was sentenced to 1-year of probation and 28 hours of community service work. Deanna Musolf entered a guilty plea to gross misdemeanor malicious punishment of a child, and will be sentenced in June. She faces up to a year in jail. She was convicted of medical assistance fraud on Friday as well, and was ordered to pay the state over $2,000 in restitution.