Winthrop Police Assaulted 10 Feb 12

Two Winthrop men accused of threatening their neighbor and assaulting police officers made an appearance in court this week. 28-year-old Joshua Lee Byro had allegedly threatened his neighbor with a gun while the man was installing a new mailbox. When Winthrop police arrived, so did 57-year-old Randy Lee Byro. Joshua Byro was arrested after attempting to order the officers off his property, and Randy Byro was also arrested when he reportedly refused to stay out of the matter. He then allegedly shoved 2 officers and shoulder-checked one in an attempt to get away. He faces up to a year in jail for obstructing the legal process. Josh Byro faces up to 5 years for terroristic threats. Randy Byro’s attorney is now asking that the charges be dropped because the officers reportedly entered the home illegally to apprehend him. He’ll be back in court April 12th. Joshua Byro has a settlement conference scheduled for April 12th as well. His trial will begin June 26th if no settlement is reached.