Waseca Man Burglary Charges 07 Feb 12

A Waseca man was taken into custody early Sunday morning after allegedly breaking into an apartment in Mankato where his girlfriend and three of her friends had gathered. The report of a burglary in progress on East Walnut Street in Mankato was received by authorities at just after 2:30am Sunday. When they arrived, police learned that 42-year-old Jerry L. Groll of Waseca had been to a bar with his girlfriend and 3 other people earlier in the evening, but Groll had allegedly argued with the woman and she and the other 3 people then went to the Walnut Street apartment without him. Groll is accused of following them, however, and breaking into the residence through a window and knocking over a computer and table. He was arrested inside the apartment without incident, and faces charges of felony burglary, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.