Pill Smuggling In Local Jail 02 Feb 12

An inmate at the Nicollet County Jail faces felony drug possession and other charges for allegedly bringing more than 350 pills into the jail recently. 31-year-old Leah Marie Hanish was reportedly acting strangely when authorities found a single pill on the floor of her cell. Hanish was then strip-searched by jailers, who allegedly found a bag containing 368 pills in her bra. The pills turned out to be around 300 Seroquel pills and various other medications. Hanish told authorities that she found the bag behind a toilet while mopping. She later admitted to bringing the pills into the jail by hiding them in a cavity below her waist, and said she used them as a sleep aid. Seroquel is commonly prescribed to people with bipolar disorders. Hanish makes her first appearance in court for the charges on March 20th.