Minnesota Caucuses Today 07 Feb 12

Precinct caucuses will be held across Minnesota tonight (TUE), and a lot of attention will be focused on the Republican presidential contenders.  Mitt Romney won the Minnesota caucuses in 2008 as the conservative alternative to the eventual nominee, John McCain.  Romney’s challengers are hoping caucus-goers choose them this time around as the conservative alternative to Romney.  Most notable is Rick Santorum, who had a surprise victory in last month’s Iowa caucuses and also narrowly beat Romney in a poll released over the weekend in Minnesota.  Ron Paul made several stops in Minnesota over the weekend as well to call for an end to American intervention overseas, amongst other issues. The top four Republican contenders have all given Minnesota some attention in the past week.  Romney was here last Wednesday, which was the biggest time gap between a candidate’s campaign stop and the caucuses. Santorum and Gingrich were both in the state on Monday as well. Caucuses begin at 7pm today across the state. The Minnesota Secretary of State has a “Caucus Finder” tool here: http://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us.