Waseca City Councilor Jail Time 10 Jan 12

A Waseca City Councilor will spend 30 days in jail after admitting that she collected pay she was not entitled to.  Ward 3 Waseca City Councilor Cynthia Ann Coy pleaded guilty to misconduct of a public officer and was sentenced on Friday. Coy admitted to making false claims for payment on work she did not do between June 2008 and September 2009. She was working as a Guardian ad Litem for Minnesota’s Third Judicial District at the time. In addition to the jail time, Coy was also placed on probation for 2 years and must pay over $1,600 in restitution and more than $500 in fines. She will be allowed work release from jail. The crime is being treated as a gross misdemeanor. If it was a felony Coy would face automatic removal from the City Council. She may still be removed through a recall election, which must be sought through a recall petition filed with the city.