Truman & GHEC To Share Football 24 Jan 12

The Truman School District will be teaming up with the Granada-Huntley-East Chain District for football beginning next school year.  The arrangement comes due to a problem many rural Minnesota schools face – not enough players. Both districts have about 90 students enrolled in 9th through 12th grade. Truman is paired with the Madelia School District for cross country, track and softball, but Madelia reportedly declined Truman’s offer of sharing football. Granada-Huntley-East Chain had previously shared a football team with Martin Luther High School in Northrop, and still shares volleyball, track and field, baseball and softball with Martin Luther. They also share boys and girls soccer teams with the Fairmont School District. The details of the new football arrangement between Truman and GHEC, including a team name and uniforms, remain to be decided.