Springfield Man Trespass Sentence 11 Jan 12

A Springfield man was convicted of trespassing in Brown Court on Monday for his involvement in a break-in at a gravel pit last year. 33-year-old Diedrich Allan Middleton was accused of taking a welder and tank worth around $600 from the Salonek Concrete gravel pit off Brown County Road 3 last February. The equipment was later found in Middleton’s truck and he was charged with theft, criminal damage to property, and trespassing. He pleaded guilty to the trespass charge and the other 2 counts were dismissed. In court on Monday, a 90-day jail sentence was stayed and Middleton was put on unsupervised probation for 6 months and ordered to pay restitution. He was also fined more than $500, but may perform Sentence To Service work to cover the fine.