NU School Board Talks 6-Period Day 11 Jan 12

The New Ulm District 88 School Board spent the majority of it’s more-than 2-hour long meeting on Tuesday discussing a proposal to switch to a 6-period day at New Ulm High School. The switch from 7 to 6 periods would begin next school year under the proposal, but High School Principal Mark Bergmann stressed to the board that a decision was needed soon. The move to a 6-period day would be not only a cost-cutting measure, but a potential way to improve student test scores. Following more than an hour of discussion and concerns, the board voted to have Bergmann move forward with the process and bring more details to the next school board meeting for possible action at that time. This decision comes as the board also prepares to make at least a million dollars worth of budget reductions. District 88 Superintendent Harold Remme says there are some hard choices ahead. The school board authorized District 88 administration to prepare between $1 million and $1.3 million worth of budget cuts for approval. That equals between 4 and 6% of District 88 expenditures. The need for these cuts comes following the defeat of a District 88 Levy Referendum this past November.