Nicollet Bar Sued For Fatal Crash 23 Jan 12

A bar in Nicollet where the men involved in a fatal crash in 2010 had been drinking prior to the incident is now being sued. 29-year-old Shane Larry Kramer, 24-year-old Shawn Gewerth and 24-year-old Jacob Meyers were drinking at the Cabin Bar in Nicollet the night of February 27th, 2010. Kramer later drove his Geo Prism into the side of a truck on Highway 14, killing Shawn Gewerth, of Morton. Kramer has also been named as a defendant in the lawsuit against the Cabin Bar. He pleaded guilty to felony criminal vehicular homicide in November of 2010 and spent a year in jail. The lawsuit against Kramer and the Cabin Bar was filed by Gewerth’s family, and claims that the bar is partially responsible for his death. An attorney for the Cabin Bar says the establishment didn’t break any laws or do anything wrong.

  • Joshua Domeier

    I’ve drank many times and never have made the choice to get behind the wheel. That was a choice, not the establishments responsibility to make sure someone behaves their whole night and then make sure they’re getting a sober ride home. He made the choice.

  • Jjpelzel61

    gee I made a few dumb choices in my day but never laid the blame on anyone else