New Ulm Menards Timeline 04 Jan 12

The New Ulm City Council on Tuesday approved several resolutions related to the construction of a Menards store in New Ulm, and heard an update on the project’s timeline from company spokesperson Tyler Edwards. He informed the council that construction on the new store would get underway this spring, and take about a year to complete. The resolutions approved included zoning and annexation issues related to the construction of a Menards on the west end of New Ulm. Mn/DOT had previously ruled that a “roundabout” must be constructed on Highway 14 to accommodate the store as well. In other business, the council moved forward with plans to build a permanent flood levee in New Ulm by approving a conditional use permit for the planned work along the Minnesota River’s floodplain. The $1.9 million levee is expected to be completed by this fall, but still has several steps left in the approval process. The council also amended a city code to ban bicycles from sidewalks on Minnesota Street in the downtown area from 4th North to 2nd South Streets only. A total of 24 new signs to enforce the ban will be placed at all downtown access points. The council also approved the issuance of a “Brewer Taproom License” for the August Schell Brewery.

  • Jollywrencher

    A roundabout on a major highway is a bad idea.  Think of all the different kinds of traffic that use 14.  Large semi trucks, oversized loads, farm equipment, etc.. Roundabouts all over Minnesota are a burden to those necessary vehicles. Emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and police could also do without the obstacle. MNdot needs to think about ALL the people who use HWY 14, not just cars.

  • Guest

    They should also look at re-using some of the land on the south end or somewhere where there is already infrastructure, instead of continuing to expand westward and using good land for another big box store.