Mistrial For Madelia Burglary 02 Jan 12

A mistrial has been declared in the local burglary trial of a Mankato man. District Judge John Rodenberg declared the mistrial after a jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of finding 30-year-old Joshua Raymond Armendariz not guilty of burglary and theft for a break-in at a rural Madelia farm site. The jury deliberated for over two days, but was unable to reach a verdict and was discharged Saturday afternoon. The burglary occurred October 3rd at the home of Les Pietsch Jr. Armendariz and 46-year-old Cassie Jean Lillo of North Mankato had allegedly been parked in front of the property in a van, and after Pietsch confronted them he discovered that numerous items in his home were missing, including a safe containing nearly $9,000 in cash. The safe was later found intact in a nearby corn field. Armendariz has asserted his innocence throughout the proceedings. A new trial will be set in the near future.