Mankato Email Scam 07 Jan 12

A Mankato woman was the victim of an e-mail scam this week that is becoming all to common across the local area. The board chair and co-founder of the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota, Linda Frost, says she began receiving hundreds of messages from friends and family on Wednesday after everyone in her e-mail contacts list apparently received an authentic-looking e-mail from her claiming that she had been hit in the neck with a pistol and robbed while visiting Spain, and asking the recipient to wire her $2,000 to an address in Madrid. The e-mail reportedly contained poor punctuation and awkward language usage, like many such scams do. Frost believes the scammers must have gained access to her contacts when she inadvertently clicked on a legitimate-looking email and signed in with her password. Authorities warn against ever following through on such unsolicited e-mails.