Highway 14 Pileup 21 Jan 12

A portion of eastbound Highway 14 in Mankato was closed down Friday morning following a multi-vehicle crash. The crash involved 2 semi-trucks, a van, and 2 passengers cars, and happened at about 9:30am at the Highway 14 Minnesota River bridge in Mankato. An uninvolved vehicle spun out on the east end of the bridge, causing a semi-truck to slow down and be rear-ended by another semi, which caused the first truck to jack-knife into a van before striking 2 cars. The highway was reportedly icy at the time. The truck drivers both suffered minor injuries, along with the driver of one of the cars. The highway was re-opened at around Noon.

  • Miapow2001

    a semi following to close imagine that

  • Colakammy

    I don’t think the article said anything about the semi following too close. The “uninvolved vehicle” that spun out of control was the cause of the accident. I believe ice should be the target of your disdain not the semi. It’s too bad uninformed people don’t appreciate how goods get to their stores and eventually their homes. I appreciate my husband being away from us, his family, all week, so he can provide for us and even for people like you.