Bock around the Block, starting January 10 10 Jan 12

Join us as we kick off “Bock around the Block”, sponsored by the August Schell Brewing Company and KNUJ AM 860/SAM 107.3 FM.

Schedule of places in New Ulm:

Thursday, January 10, 5-7pm – Mowan’s
Thursday, January 17, 5-7pm – Kegel Klub
Thursday, January 24, 5-7pm – Smiley’s
Saturday, January 26, 5-7pm – Pub & Patio
Thursday, January 31, 5-7pm – B & L Bar
Friday, February 8, 5-7pm – Finale at New Ulm Country Club 

 Join us for Schell’s Beer specials, games, prizes and contests. Twelve keys will be given away for access to the V.I.P. Space Age Porta Potty at Bockfest at Schell’s Brewery in New Ulm on February 9



  • Franz Kitzberger

    I’ve been all around the world, and I’ve never found a better time, a better people, a better investment, more beautiful women, than in the time and the money I’ve made and spent in my hometown. Occupy Schell’s! What the Bock?

  • Patricia_sandn

    Darrel and I, 2012 GAMGA Prinzenpaar, had a great time in New Ulm at the  Kegel Bar.  Great job KNUJ!!  It was nice seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  Thanks also to the Narren of New Ulm for informing us of this great event.

  • Keeners

    We had a blast at the Country Club’s finale Bock around the block! Special shout out to Brian and Mike with KNUJ the best guys in town! And to Ted Marti and his sons for Schells and all the fun it brings to the community!