Wabasso Sup’t To Seek Public Office 07 Dec 11

The Superintendent of the Wabasso School District has announced his intention to retire from his duties with the district at the end of the current school year, and then run for public office. Ted Suss has served as the Wabasso Superintendent for the past 9 years, but had served 2 terms as a state representative in the mid-1970′s for a district covering most of Scott County. His current contract with Wabasso expires on July 1st, 2012, at which time Suss expects to begin campaigning full-time. The district he hopes to represent does not exist at this time, however. That still needs to be worked out in the ongoing state redistricting process, but Suss has already filed his campaign with the state. He also has the option to run for the state senate still if he chooses to do so.