St. Peter Baby Murder Guilty Plea 02 Dec 11

A St. Peter man accused of killing his infant son pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree murder in Nicollet County Court on Wednesday. 28-year-old Christopher Farris brought the severely injured 3-month-old boy to a Mankato hospital in September of 2010, but the child wasn’t breathing. Investigators later determined that the death was a homicide resulting from head trauma. Farris initially claimed that the baby hit his head in a doorway as he was being pulled from a chair, but on Wednesday admitted to violently shaking him for 10 minutes, bruising his face while attempting to force a pacifier into his mouth, and biting his cheek in an effort to revive him. He said he had been up late drinking the night before being left alone with the child. Prosecutors had declined to convene a grand jury to consider 1st-degree murder charges, and a trial had been set to take place in January after being delayed several times. That trial was avoided with Farris’ guilty plea on Wednesday, and his sentencing is set for January 27th. He faces up to 15 years in prison