Sleepy Eye 4 Day School Week Discussed 10 Dec 11

The Sleepy Eye School Board was presented a detailed report on the positive and negative aspects of moving to a 4-day school week during it’s regular meeting on Thursday. The move to a 4-day week in Sleepy Eye is being considered following the failure of a levy referendum in November for the second straight year. A 23-person committee was then formed that includes 3 school board members, 4 high school and 3 elementary school staff members, the student council president, the superintendent, the high school principal, and 7 parents. Research shows that moving to a 4-day school week would save the Sleepy Eye School District more than $80,000 a year, and add over 2,700 instructional minutes to the school year by adding an additional 1 hour and 20 minutes to each school day. A survey of a sampling of Sleepy Eye parents last Spring found that 56% favored a four-day week. More information on a 4-day week is available on the district’s website