Brown County Board Approves Salary Hikes 28 Dec 11

The Brown County Board on Tuesday approved salary increases for elected and appointed county officials. The County Commissioner salary for 2012 was increased by $500 to $21,250, but the board agreed to lower their per-diem rate for attending meetings from $75 to $60. The county commissioner salaries had been unchanged since 2008. Brown County Sheriff Rich Hoffmann’s salary was increased by $3,200 to $84,000 for 2012, County Recorder Betty Kamolz will see a salary increase of about $2,500, Auditor-Treasurer Marlin Helget will see a pay hike of just over a thousand dollars, Family Services Director Tom Henderson is getting a $1,400 salary increase next year, Highway Engineer Wayne Stevens will receive a $2,000 pay increase, and County Administrator Charles Enter will see a $1,500 increase, to over $99,000 a year.