Bavarian Blast Will Go On 09 Dec 11

The Bavarian Blast Board of Directors announced on Thursday that New Ulm’s summer festival will return in 2012. The decision to go on with the festival despite recent financial difficulties was made earlier in the week. The Blast’s financial situation has reportedly improved since the board’s annual meeting, when the decision to shut down the festival for good was seriously considered. Many of the financial issues stemmed from the low attendance of the 2011 Bavarian Blast, partly due to sweltering heat that weekend. The festival has since paid off its local creditors, however, and has payment plan agreements with those remaining. The board will be looking for support from local businesses for this coming year as well. Bavarian Blast 2012 will take place July 20, 21st, and 22nd in New Ulm.

  • Sonya Calef

    Please please please promote this more outside of town so you aren’t solely relying on local traffic to support it. This is such an awesome event nobody should miss it even if the most German thing about you is the Heinz 57 you put on your bratwurst. There are tons of Germanic groups in the cities and around the area who would be there if they knew or maybe were even specifically invited.

  • Erika

    Congratulations, I will be there