Rural Madelia Burglary Suspects 09 Nov 11

Two Mankato residents face multiple felony charges for the alleged burglary of a rural Madelia home. 30-year-old Joshua Raymond Armendariz has been charged with 2 counts of burglary and theft without consent. 46-year-old Cassie Jean Lillo had been charged with 2 counts of aiding and abetting, but accepted a plea deal and pled guilty to gross misdemeanor theft. She is scheduled to be sentenced on November 22nd pending the results of a mental health examination. The burglary occurred October 3rd at the rural Madlia home of Les Pietsch Jr. The suspects had been parked in front of the property in a van, and after Pietsch confronted them he discovered that numerous items were missing from his home, including a safe containing nearly $9,000 in cash. It was later found intact in a nearby corn field. Both suspects are on probation for previous incidents as well, Armendariz for receiving stolen property and Lillo for shoplifting.