Redwood Falls Semi Rollover 17 Nov 11

One person was injured in a semi-truck rollover accident in Redwood Falls Wednesday afternoon. It happened at about 12:45pm on Wednesday on Highway 19 in Redwood Falls. 23-year-old Nicholas Harren of Eagle Bend was making a left turn in his eastbound 2003 International semi when the truck tipped onto it’s side. Harren suffered minor injuries and was treated at the Redwood Area Hospital and later released. He was wearing a seatbelt. The truck took severe damage.

  • Dolores Kaleta

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    circuit breakers in electrical systems in your home, office or car – a failsafe
    – to prevent further destruction. This innovation is a simple modification of a
    component, the Trailer’s coupling
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    made to deform and not allow an extremely stable Tractor to follow to
    destruction when the Trailer, that is the dominant controlling force, is in IMMINENT peril for Rollover, that
    includes also blown over Tractor Trailers. The NHTSA & FMCSA continue to
    turn their backs and ignore their past funded research conclusions, as the
    trucking industry evolves greater unstable Tractor Trailers on our highways
    that have a primary attribute for increasing payload capacity. These
    Catastrophes will continue to occur in thousands of accidents of this type each
    year as they have in the past, and continue to cause infrastructure damage that
    will harm and kill many hundreds of Tractor occupants annually. These
    combination vehicles are incendiary bombs when carrying flammable material in
    Tankers, and the flash point for these fires starts with the Tractor’s
    involvement. A statement received from the FMCSA states “There are a variety of
    technologies for preventing Rollover crashes and we believe motor carriers
    should have as much flexibility as possible in selecting technologies to
    prevent crashes.” Clearly the fox is allowed to guard the hen house!!! The
    harm, death & destruction will continue with combination vehicle Rollover
    accidents. Donald J. Kaleta