Prescription Forgery Arrest 16 Nov 11

Authorities in Mankato arrested a Minneapolis woman at gunpoint on Saturday over suspicions that she was forging painkiller prescriptions. 44-year-old Theresa Ann Reed made her first appearance in Blue Earth County Court for felony drug possession charges on Monday. She and the driver of the vehicle she was in were arrested at gunpoint in a Mankato parking lot Saturday evening after a concerned pharmacist tipped of the police to a suspicious woman filling a Percoset prescription. A blank prescription pad and hundreds of pills were found in Reed’s vehicle, and several more prescription slips with different names on them were found when she was strip-searched at the Blue Earth County Jail. She had apparently filled phony prescriptions at several Mankato pharmacies. She has 4 previous arrests for similar incidents in the last few years also. The driver of the vehicle, 28-year-old Tristan Leroy Trice of Maple Grove, made his first court appearance for fleeing a police officer and aiding an offender on Monday as well.