Madison Lake Campground Burglaries 12 Nov 11

Several campers were broken into at a campground near Madison Lake earlier this week. The crimes at the Lone Pine Campground were discovered on Wednesday. The doors to several campers were found open that morning, and electronics and other items had been stolen from many of them. Authorities say the campground’s location likely encouraged the thieves. Blue Earth County Sheriff’s Deputy Tom Cusey says that several camper power cords had the copper pulled out of them as well, and an aluminum boat canopy was stolen.

  • Anonymous

    We have a camper at this campground.  Theft has been a problem for a few summers, which includes gasoline from our boats, depth finders, beverages from coolers and refrigerators in our sheds….the list goes on.  I am wondering if the person (s) arrested for this latest theft also did the previous stealing/damage?

    We also have a camper at this campground.  Tonight we went to get our aluminum canopy into the water.  We left the legs to the canopy down by the other lifts near the water and docks.  Well the legs to the canopy were GONE.  We can only speculate that they were stolen during the last theft session.  Man!  It is so frustrating.  Did they arrest the person (s) that did the theft that occurred in late Oct/Nov of 2011?  My husband suggested that the campground owner put up gates into the entrance of the campground!  Does that sound like a good idea to you?