Green Isle Water Theft Settlement 28 Nov 11

The City of Green Isle recently reached a settlement with a husband and wife accused of stealing water from the city over the course of possibly more than 2 decades. 65-year-old Larry Mathews had been facing a felony count of theft of services over the allegations that he and Jan Mathews had bypassed their water connection from the city and were using unmetered water. It is believed that the City of Green Isle lost approximately $200 a year to the Mathews over the course of at least 6 years, but possibly as far back as the late 1980′s. It was this uncertainty over how much water the couple has used that led to the settlement. They were ordered to repair the water line to their home at their expense and have it inspected, and all charges would be dropped. The city reserves the right to make surprise inspections of the Mathews’ water line at any time as well.