Warehouse Explodes In Fairmont 15 Oct 11

An explosion at a warehouse in Fairmont Friday morning sent 2 workers to the hospital. It happened at about 9:30am Friday at a Fairmont Foods building rented by International Ag Labs. The facility is reportedly used to store and mix fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals. The building and nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution while firefighters battled the ongoing fires and worked on controlling the possibility of more explosions. A gas line to the building was shut down, along with it’s power, and an emergency management and chemical assessment team were called in. 43-year-old Keith Theobald and 40-year-old Allison Workman, both of Fairmont were treated for minor injuries at the Fairmont Medical Center and later released. The cause of the explosion is believed to be a mixer that sparked and ignited dust. The building is a total loss.