Redwood County Phone Scam Warning 14 Oct 11

The Redwood Falls Area Chamber of Commerce is warning area residents about a new phone scam. An entity known as “Kelly Publishing” has been calling people and claiming to be selling a poster for the Redwood Valley Booster Club. This is a scam. The Better Business Bureau encourages businesses to verify any requests of this nature. At least 40 complaints have been filed concerning Kelly Publishing.

  • Edwin

    I got a call like that 2 days ago. It wasn’t really a Redwood Valley Booster Club poster, but something similar that was supposed to be distributed by a non-profit organization in Louisiana. A lot of people bought, thinking they’re helping the group. Well, early today, the organization sent out a warning that scammers pretending to be members were selling stuffs under their name however, but they’re not connected in any way. It was already too late, though, because the culprits were already gone. We reported this to the authorities and posted warnings at different consumer complaint sites such as I hope everybody gets to read this post.