Amboy Teen Charged With Arson 04 Oct 11

A 16-year-old girl from rural Amboy was charged with 4 felony counts of arson on Monday in Blue Earth County Court. Amanda Rae Ristau is accused of starting a pair of fires Sunday evening on her parents’ property in southwestern Blue Earth County. She allegedly reported the fires to police herself at around 5:20pm Sunday, and claimed to have used gasoline to start a barn and garage on fire. She also reportedly admitted to setting a nearby cornfield on fire as well. No injuries were reported from the fires, and damage estimates are not yet available. When Ristau reported the fires she told police she was leaving the scene in a green Pontiac Bonneville, which was soon found and the teen was taken into custody. In the vehicle officers found a loaded .22-caliber rifle and a lighter. Ristau’s next court hearing has not yet been scheduled, but authorities are recommending that she undergo a mental health evaluation.