Nibbe Court Date Today Continued 06 Sep 11

The omnibus court hearing today (TUE) for a rural Lake Crystal woman accused of murdering her husband was continued due to unforseen circumstances. Jennifer Nibbe faces a 1st-degree murder charge for the August 2010 shooting of her husband while he slept. She claimed it was a home intruder that fatally shot James Nibbe with the family’s shotgun, but no evidence of an intruder was found. In court today her attorney was expected to request that Jennifer Nibbe’s statements to police during the initial investigation be suppressed because they failed to give her a Miranda warning and interviewed her without counsel. The hearing was continued, however, due to the death of her lead attorney’s father. The prosecution reportedly had three law enforcement officials ready to testify, along with another witness, but a new date has not been set at this time. Nibbe’s trial will likely be delayed now as well.