Mankato Murderer Found Guilty 23 Sep 11

The Burnsville man accused of killing his ex-wife in a Mankato parking lot last year has been found guilty of 1st-degree murder. The jury in the trial of Joel Marvin Munt spent 4 hours deliberating on Thursday before reaching the verdict. Munt now faces the possibility of life in prison. He was accused of gunning down Svetlana Munt at Mankato’s Rasmussen Woods in March of 2010 in front of the couple’s 3 young children. His defense had argued that Svetlana was abusing the children, but during the closing arguments the prosecution reminded the jury that the case is about how she died, and not how her children were treated. This was phase 1 of the Munt trial. Starting Monday, doctors will testify on whether Munt is mentally competent and the jury will then reach a verdict on his insanity defense. That will decide whether he goes to prison or a state security hospital.