Local Structurally Deficient Bridges 24 Sep 11

A new report issued Friday detailing the number of deteriorating bridges in the state puts Sibley County at the top of the list. More than 1 in every 4 bridges in Sibley County are categorized as “Structurally Deficient,” the highest percentage of any of Minnesota’s 87 counties. A total of 27 of Sibley County’s 102 bridges need work, 27 bridges that over 9,200 vehicles travel over each day. Elsewhere around the local area, Brown County has 9 structurally deficient bridges out of a total of 111, or around 8% of the bridges in the county. Only 3% of the bridges in Blue Earth County are deficient, over 7% are in Martin County, more than 6% are in McLeod and Nicollet Counties, more than 17% of bridges are deficient in Redwood County, 19% are in Renville County, and only 3% of the bridges in Watonwan County are structurally deficient.

  • Cherylstjohn

    I live in Sibley County. I lived in Sibley County all my life. The bridges should have high priority. Maybe you are waiting until someone gets hurt or killed and then file a lawsuit,that would cost more money than the bridges are worth. Harvesting will be starting soon and those bridges will be used a lot. I hope the bridges can hold all the heavy equipment farmers use now.

  • Dohland

    I am wondering if that includes county ditch bridges on private land. I’d appreciate an answer.
    From Landowner.