Hit & Run Fugitive Caught 21 Sep 11

A Madison Lake man wanted for his possible involvement in a hit and run crash in Mankato Monday night was caught on Tuesday after spending a day on the run. The crash happened at just before 6:30 Monday evening after a Mankato police officer went to stop a pickup truck on Riverfront Drive. The driver of the pickup jumped out of the vehicle while it was still moving, and the unmanned truck hit a parked vehicle while the driver got away on foot. Authorities determined that the title for the truck was in the process of being transferred to 35-year-old Tory Michael Shelton, and a search for him began. Shelton was found in Madison Lake at just after noon on Tuesday and attempted to flee on foot again but was caught and taken into custody. Now he’s facing charges of hit and run, obstruction of justice, and fleeing on foot.