Hanska Man Accused Of Stalking 15 Sep 11

A 62-year-old Hanska man faces harassment and stalking charges for allegedly following a former neighbor through a Mankato store. Douglas Kent Nelson is accused of standing near the dressing rooms at a store in the Mankato River Hills Mall while the woman and a friend were trying on clothes. The woman had recognized Nelson as a former neighbor who had followed her before and reported the incident to mall security. She then told police about an incident in New Ulm, where she worked as a waitress. She said Nelson would enter her restaurant and stay for as long as six hours. Two other incidents reportedly happened in Mankato and North Mankato within about a month before the most recent incident as well. New Ulm police have reported similar incidents where Nelson was accused of harassing younger females also. He will make his first appearance in court on the harassment and stalking charges on October 1st.